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Mrs.  Hallie  Blair
MYP Science & Humanities 6th Grade
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6th Grade Syllabus  

 Excellence. Every Student. Everyday. 

What will I learn this year?



Common Core for English and Math

North Carolina Essential Standards for Social Studies and Science


The International Baccalaureate curriculum supports and enhances the Common Core and Essential Standards. AVID best practices provide strategies to empower all students to access the curriculum.


More information about curriculum standards is available on the Onslow County Schools website at


What are the behavior expectations?

·    Be Respectful.  Be engaged and ready to participate. Accept directions, feedback or corrections from staff by listening and asking appropriate questions. Respect others’ right to learn. Raise your hand to participate in whole class activities or to get my attention. I will also raise my hand as a signal that I need everyone to stop, look and listen to my directions.  Value the property of others.

·    Be Responsible.  Arrive on time. Be prepared for instruction with all necessary materials. Leave your area clean and free of trash.

·    Be Safe.  Use materials only as instructed.


Are there any school wide and classroom policies/procedures I need to know?

As a school, we follow PBIS procedures that have been established school wide. Inside each classroom you will follow the individual teacher’s guidelines.   


As a school policy, when a teacher or staff member raises his or her hand, you will follow the teacher’s example by raising your hand and being silent.  

What consequences should I expect if I don’t follow class procedures?


All students are expected to follow the NWPMS Student Handbook.

Green: All students will start on green with a clean slate each day in each class period.

Blue: Student will receive a verbal reminder to stop inappropriate behavior and get on task.

Yellow: Student will sit in an alternate seat within the classroom for 10-15 minutes to “get it together” before rejoining the class.

Orange: Student will sit in an alternate seat within the classroom for the remainder of the class period.  Communication with the parent will result. 


Behavior that is disruptive to the learning environment, results in a safety hazard, or is chronic in nature may result in a discipline referral to the administration.  See Student Handbook for additional information regarding inappropriate behavior.


How should I save my assignments and projects when using technology?



Will homework be assigned in this class?

 All students will have an Office 365 account that you can access from any computer at home or at school.  You will save all of your work to your Office 365 account.  Students may not use the Student Share or a USB drive due to the lack of security with those two options. 




Charge your laptop every night.  

Students may expect homework assignments that support classroom instruction.

What is the Outline of Units of Study for this class?



1st Nine Weeks – Theme, Textual Evidence, Central Idea, Meaning of Words and Phrases

2nd Nine Weeks – Plot Outline, Analyzing Texts, Point of View, Compare/Contrast different types of media

3rd Nine Weeks -  Compare/Contrast different genres, Cause and Effect, Evaluate arguments & claims

4th Nine Weeks – Compare/Contrast point of view of particular events



1st Nine Weeks – Matter, Waves and Energy

2nd Nine Weeks – Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes and Layers of the Earth

3rd Nine Weeks – Biomes, Light and Sounds

4th Nine Weeks – Plant Life and Food Webs



1st Nine Weeks – The Number System

2nd Nine Weeks – Ratios and Proportional Relationships

3rd Nine Weeks – Geometry

4th Nine Weeks – Expressions and Equations



1st Nine Weeks – Map Skills and Geography, Early Humans, Mesopotamia

2nd Nine Weeks – Greece, Rome Egypt,

3rd Nine Weeks – Israelites, India China,

4th Nine Weeks – Feudalism, Mayans/Incans/Aztecs

What kind of assignments can I expect?


In all core classes, students will do the following assignments but not limited too

  • Journals
  • Projects/Quizzes/Tests
  • Labs
  • Problem Sets
  • Group Activities
  • AVID Based Activities
  • Technology based activities
  • Weekly Articles and Reading Bookmarks


What do I need to do if I am absent?

Students have five school days to make up missed assignments for full credit due to an excused absence as defined by OCS BOE policy.  See pages 8-9 in the NWPMS Student Handbook for additional information on attendance and what is considered an excused absence.

What is the grading policy for this class?


                                                      Grading Scale

A: 90-100   B: 80-89   C: 70-79   D: 60-69   F: Below 59


Assignments turned in:

  • On time                                                    eligible for full credit
  • Up to 5 days late                                     partial credit
  • After 5 days                                             maximum grade of 40
  • Last day of a grading period                    assignment(s) will not be accepted


What supplies will I need to be successful?


Fully charged 1:1 laptop every day (do not bring chargers to school). Do not loan your laptop or charger to anyone.  Write the inventory number for your laptop and your charger in the front cover of your Student Agenda.



What type of textbook will I use?


Textbooks will not be issued to students.


Are there other places to go in order to find class information?

Students and parents can visit the school website anytime for additional information.  This website will provide you with upcoming events at our school, such as; dances, fundraisers, sporting events, etc. 

The web address is:



Will there be tutoring or after school help if I am struggling with understanding the content?


Tutoring at NWPMS is available after school for all subjects until 3:30 every Monday.

Tutoring is also available as arranged with the teacher.

Parents must provide transportation.