This Week's Walk Through the Park


Walk Through the Park Nov 27th through Dec 1st  

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Mastery Mondays

Dolphins Jumping From Book

Students may stay after school for tutoring each Monday from 3:00 to 3:55 pm. Students MUST return their Mastery Monday Contract, signed by a parent, to be allowed to stay. Students are required to check into a core classroom or the Media Center no later than 3:05 and remain there until 3:55.

Bus transportation will be available from Sioux Drive at 4:00pm for all students who live at an eligible address for bus transportation. Students will need to have a Mastery Monday Bus Pass to board the M2 bus at 4:00 - only students who have a pass will be allowed to board the bus.

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Academic Celebration Event

Organizations Events
•  Battle of the Books Meeting  (Battle of the Books)
Time: 3:00 PM
2012-2015 Strategic Plan Summary Video
NWPM 2012-2015 Strategic Plan Summary Video
NWPM 2012-2015 Strategic Plan Summary Video
This video summarizes some of the most important events of the NWPM 2012-2015 Strategic Plan.  Please take a moment...

Come join us on October 21, 2017!
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Watch the latest installment from the student news team!
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A Great Time Was Had By Students And Teachers!
Kona Ice Break!

Fun was had by all!
Dunk Tank Throw

What's Happening At The Park?